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ARTICLE: An Interview with Richard B. Fitzgibbon

Catering to a Lifestyle!

Located in the heart of sunny South Florida, you will find a newly renovated establishment, in scripted FITZGIBBON Performance. You might ask who or what is Fitzgibbon Performance? Well, it’s none other than Richard Bernard Fitzgibbon, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FITZGIBBON Performance. His newly established business currently boasts a breathtaking, state of the art facility spanning nearly 15,000 square feet. This facility truly embodies a lifestyle of luxury. Catering to exotic and race oriented performance.

Richard B. Fitzgibbon is a native Floridian, who’s love for speed and performance has been evident since childhood. Richard’s first taste of speed came at a young age while racing go-karts around the neighbor’s circular driveway and riding motorcycles through the woods of Parkland, Florida. By the time Richard had reached his teenage years his passion and enthusiasm had only expanded. Richard had graduated to fast cars, mud trucks, and speed boats, in no time.

Richard was not only a car enthusiast but also a boat enthusiast. Richard was into speed. No matter if it was found on the streets or on the water.  Richard has been the proud owner of several boats throughout his years; his first boat he remembers well, a twenty foot Bass Boat purchased by his parents before he could even legally drive a car.  Of course, the boat in its stock form did not last long. Richard quickly realized that by tweaking the outboards propeller, as well as adding outboard engine modifications, that once again he could find performance. He was always laser focused on having one of the fastest Bass Boats around.

Richard was also passionate about construction, whether he was building tree forts in his backyard as a child or building houses with his father as a young adult, Richard was always a forward thinker. Richard explained how his father, a custom home builder, had left a legacy for his family.  Richard had spent many invaluable years working alongside and learning from his father, Robert Mark Fitzgibbon. Through those years, Richard not only developed an eye for design but a hands-on approach to achieving and delivering only the highest level of quality and customer service.  Richard’s ability to be creative along with his dedication to seeing each and every project through to completion has always given him an edge up on the competition.  Richard says his unwavering work ethic has always given him a sense of strength and purpose. He realizes today that it is not only about listening and understanding his client’s wants and desires, it’s more about the vision and making that vision “dream” become a reality, for the client.

Richard began his first venture in 2006. In addition to working in construction, he started and managed an online parts store where customers could purchase marine products. In early 2011 Richard sadly lost his father.  It was then Richard had made his decision to leave the construction industry in an attempt at building his own legacy.  Richard really wanted to turn his hobbies and passion for speed and performance into his career path. By learning to listen and constantly observing the market Richard quickly realized an industry in need of perfecting. In 2013 Richard opened East Coast Perfection Marine. His idea was simple, to provide the best possible customer service, support, and workmanship he possibly could. It didn’t take long and soon Richard found himself working on one of his favorites being boats. He put together a team and was able to offer his services consisting of custom rigging, and maintenance. His platform based on quality and communication quickly generated a strong customer following. Within 12 months Richard went on to begin positioning himself to launch his third business.  Richard called it his ultimate passion; where technology, performance and racing all join. This culmination is known proudly as FITZGIBBON Performance!

Today, Richard continues to value his father’s legacy and practices in business. Values his father instilled in him years ago: keep a strong work ethic, being trustworthy, having loyalty, remembering your roots, and treating people as friends not just customers.  Today Richard simply lives by his own mantra “Approach all situations with the intentions of over delivering!”



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