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ARTICLE: MIMESSI- Designed with Perfection in Mind!

Mimessi Auto Design - Designed with Perfection in Mind!

MIMESSI AUTO DESIGN has quickly become one of the most prestigious Window Tint, Car Wrap, & Commercial Vehicle Wrap Shops in the Boca Raton area. We aim to please, and our Clients love us. Whatever size job you need done, we are here to help you out.

AUTO WINDOW TINTING is one of the quickest & easiest ways to upgrade your vehicle. Getting the Window’s Tinted on your car will keep your vehicle cooler when it’s hot out, which definitely helps when you live in the Sunshine State. Window Tint also helps with safety because it blocks the glare from the sun, and it keeps other peoples headlights from your eyes. If you get into an accident and the windows happen to break the glass will not crack into a thousand little pieces. 

Auto Window Tinting is the most popular option that new car owners choose to do. Window Tinting provides security, privacy, and comfort. Make sure you only hire professional installers when getting your car windows tinted.

CUSTOM WRAPS have been gaining in popularity over the past few years. More and more people want to customize their vehicle by either changing the color, adding colors, or creating a custom design for the wrap. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Car Wraps, and only limited by your imagination. Whatever type of Wrap you want we can do. If you want some type of writing or graphics on the wrap you could put your name, your business name, graphics, logos, and much more. If you are looking to stand out on the road then getting your car wrapped would definitely help. If turning heads is your goal, getting your car wrapped would be the best choice.

CAR GRAPHICS & DESIGN is definitely the best way to customize and personalize your vehicle. Whatever you can think of can be done. We have a very talented Graphic Designer here to help you out with creating the design for your automobile. When you come into the shop you can sit down with our designer and tell him exactly what you are looking for. We have everything needed in-house to create, print, laminate, cut, and install the graphics on your car. Our state of the art machines will turn your dream into a reality. Between the designer and installers there is more then 30 years of experience, whatever you are looking for we can do.

PAINT PROTECTION FILM is an extremely durable, colorless urethane film, that protects your vehicle from road debris, road hazards, door dings, stones, gravel, insects, bug acids, tar, very minor collisions, dirt, scratches, road salts, nicks, and more. When the Paint Protection Film is removed your OEM paint will be like brand new and not harmed at all. This is the most advanced form of car paint protection on the market. It is also pretty much undetectable to the human eye. This film can be applied on automobiles, RV’s, commercial trucks, & other painted vehicles.



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